What’s #NBFolks all about then?

#NBFolks started on September 6th 2015. It’s a regular Twitter chat which runs for an hour from 8pm BST every Sunday evening.

Discussion topics are posted weekly, but they’re really no more than jumping-off points; participants are encouraged to chat around the topics and flit away into related conversations of their own. There are really only two rules: be respectful, and use the #NBFolks hashtag in all of your tweets throughout the chat. Oh, and you ought to identify as nonbinary in some way. Though Twitter is a public medium, the chat hour is intended – insofar as it can be – to be a safe place for nonbinary individuals to meet, engage and discuss issues which effect us.

Quick how-to:

  • Just show up and join in! Tag your tweets with #NBFolks so we can all see them.
  • Don’t panic if you lose track of the chat. Your notifications are a useful place to see who’s talking to you. It’s okay to just have a couple of conversations going within the chat going on around you.
  • Tweetdeck is a huge, huge help in this sort of endeavour. It’s recommended that you set up a column with the search term #NBFolks and put your ‘@’ column (where people have mentioned you by Twitter-name) and Notifications (which tells you when your posts have been favourited or retweeted) alongside.
  • Use ‘Reply to this tweet’ to respond to a specific comment. Don’t forget to add the #NBFolks tag.
  • Show your appreciation or agreement with favourites, quotes, RTs and replies. Don’t be afraid to add your thoughts to the conversation.
  • On that note… absolutely no nastiness. It’s okay to disagree but attacking an individual will not be tolerated.
  • Twitter is a public medium. Please don’t feel obliged to say anything that could put you in any danger or which makes you uncomfortable.
  • Tweet @lexberju if you have any problems and they’ll do their best to help.
  • Answer questions with A1, A2 etc.
  • Have fun!

Your regular host is Lex but don’t think of them as an admin; they’re more of a moderator and helper. Lex is a transmasculine agender individual with a full-time job, but will always do their absolute utmost to be there if you need to get in touch. Twitter is best, or you can email lex@nbfolks.uktrans.org.

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