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Presentation is a funny old thing

Rule #1 as I understand it: presentation ≠ identity. And never assume.

So this week we’re discussing presentation and how it intersects with your identity. Mod note, though I don’t expect any problems with the #NBFolks crowd: identity policing is not allowed. Seriously. Don’t.

Q1. Do you deliberately present in a certain way? Does it change in some circumstances?

Q2. Does other peoples’ perception of you matter to you?

Q3. What does a nonbinary presentation mean to you? Does androgyny come into it?

Q4. Does your presentation match society’s expectations of where (if anywhere) you fall on the spectrum?

Q5. What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to present in a different way to their birth assignment?

Any great facial hair tutorials? Adding femme elements to your look? Share your tips and experiences 😊

Presentation is really personal, obviously, but Q5 is intended as a bit of a community Q&A.